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Ultrasonic Bearing Testing Consulting

Make sure you have a proper preventive maintenance program at your company to be sure you have an increased uptime and reliability with your equipment.

Consulting Service Options

Using Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

Ultrasonic technology is a newer use for testing bearings. It's capable of predicting bearing condition sooner than vibrational testing. Learn how this testing equipment works and to use it properly.

How To Analyze Bearings

When you are using ultrasonic testing equipment on bearings you have to know what to look and listen for to be sure you are properly reading the bearing condition.

Creating Report System

Show you how to design and implement a report system to keep track of your test readings and the lifecycle of your equipment.

Why PTI For Your Maintenance Consulting Needs

PTI has been involved in providing ultrasonic maintenance services to companies for over 30 years. We have advance knowledge and techniques in using ultrasonic testing equipment and creating a maintenance program for a company. Our services have been used by companies such as Butterball, Ferrara, Disney, Kelloggs, and others to improve their maintenance programs and create a more efficient running company. 

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