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The services of PTi will give you the uptime and reliability you are looking for.

Why Use Our Services Instead of Performing In House

            We will come out to test every three months when you may not be able to test that often in house if you have           too much work for your maintenance/engineer employees. 

          You will receive high quality reports from us that show you statistical data and color coding for the life cycle               of the bearing. We will give you access to these reports with a secure log in to view and download from our               website. It can be difficult to keep a report system up to date in house with other obligations coming up for               those employees. 

          There will be 31 years of ultrasonic testing experience and knowledge with our testing services that's difficult           to get with an in house program. We have mechanical and ultrasonic knowledge that gives you the most of               using ultrasonic testing technology. 

          Advantages of Ultrasonic Testing Over Vibrational Testing


          Ultrasonic testing is the earliest form of detection with bearing analysis.

          Vibrational is commonly needed to test every month where Ultrasonic can be performed every three months.           There is no baseline reading needed with Ultrasonics testing and are able to detect if a bearing is needing                 lube, failing, bad, or out of alignment.

          Ultrasonic testing can tell when the bearing housing is full and not over lubed or under lubed. 

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