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An early and safe way to analyze your electrical system!



1. Transformers

2. Circuit Breakers

3. Insulators

4. Switches

5. Contactors

6. Bus Ducts


Test For

1. Arcing 

2. Tracking

3. Corona

4. Partial Discharge

5. Mechanical Vibration

6. Mechanical / Electrical Looseness


Why Use Ultrasonic for Electrical Analysis

1. Electrical Ultrasonic Analysis will pick up sound in the ultrasonic range that is detected before heat is transmitted. 

2. Testing can be done with doors closed, which makes it much safer and faster. 

3. Testing can be done on the complete electrical system.


What You Recieve with Analysis

1. Maximum equipment life 

2. Maximum plant uptime

3. All done safely


Have PTi come in and let you know what condition your electrical system is in. 


example of electrical testing report
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