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Full Preventive Maintenance Consulting

Make sure you have a proper preventive maintenance program at your company to be sure you have an increased uptime and reliability with your equipment.

Consulting Service Options

OBM (Operator Based Maintenance)

OBM will allow for your employees that are operating your equipment to be trained and properly informed of what they need to do to be able to keep the machinery in optimum reliable condition.

Oil Testing and Lubricants

Regularly testing the oil in your equipment to see of any contaminants and the internal condition of your equipment. Learn the proper lubricants to use to gain as much of the life cycle out of your bearings and equipment.

Plant Layout Program

Our online application that gives you a pictorial layout of your facility and provides you with important information on each piece of equipment with a photo.

PM (Preventive Maintenance)

Create a program and process to routinely perform maintenance and upkeep on equipment to avoid unplanned downtime. This can consist of lubriation, replacement of parts, cleaning, or making needed repairs.

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

Start this system to improve production by anticipating problems , reduce accidents, and achieving maximum output. This consist of the 5S Foundation and eight supoprting pillars.

Ultrasonic Bearing Testing

Start or improve your in house bearing testing program with using ultrasonic testing equipment. Keep up with the condition of your bearings allows you to make necessary repairs on planned downtime.

Equipment Set Up

Decrease your set up time process with having a proper setup configuration to advance machine usability and production rate. Be able to give clear instructions to the machine operator so they can decrease the time between setups of the machine.

JIT Manufacturing (Just-In-Time)

Starting JIT manufacturing will allow you to reduce inventory, labor cost, time, and increase your production and quality.

Ultrasonic Electric and Air Testing

Start or improve your electrical panel testing with a safer option using ultrasonic testing equipment. Reduce your energy cost with peforming in house air leak testing.

Why PTI For Your Maintenance Consulting Needs

PTI has been involved in providing ultrasonic maintenance services to companies for over 30 years. We have advance knowledge and techniques in using ultrasonic testing equipment and creating a maintenance program for a company. Our services have been used by companies such as Butterball, Ferrara, Disney, Kelloggs, and others to improve their maintenance programs and create a more efficient running company. 

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