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Increase Equipment Uptime With Ultrasonic Bearing Testing

At PTI, we specialize in providing comprehensive and accurate ultrasonic bearing testing services for manufacturers across various industries. Our experienced team ensure that your bearings are thoroughly evaluated for performance, reliability, and durability.

Ultrasonic Bearing Testing

We are able to read you bearing and tell you on the first time testing if your bearings are under/over lubed, failing, or bad. This technology can be used on slow moving bearings. 

Join many happy users of our services!


"I highly recommend Robert Switzer's services. I have been using him for the last fifteen years. As long as I've done what his reports recommended, I have greatly reduce my equipment breakdown. He made me a believer in Ultrasonic Testing."


"I have worked with Robert Switzer and his company, PTI, for over 10 years. During this tenure, Robert and PTI have constantly demonstrated that their predictive technologies deliver sustainable positive plant floor results by reducing downtime and increasing equipment effectiveness.

Robert and his team are always very professional and prompt. Their work and reports are very accurate and easy to interpret, and they always do their work safely. PTI constantly demonstrates their success by being accurate, safe, honest, ethical and customer driven.

I have learned over the years that ultrasonic analysis is an art and can be used in many ways to detect failures of many kinds with the right training and experience. PTI has the training and experience to deliver the results, as I have experienced it first hand, and is the reason PTI continues to perform work in my facility.

If you desire a positive step change in equipment effectiveness through predictive reliability, I don’t know of another company I would trust to deliver the results. Robert and PTI will be an asset to any company who hires them."


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